Bubble Butt Euro Anal With Amirah Adara

by jamesdeen on March 27, 2015

what’s the difference between anal sex with a European babe like amirah adara and an american babe? fucked if i know but for some reason i felt it necessary to specify that amirah adara is european.  i met amirah adara when i was shooting my pussy eating series for jamesdeen.com.  since then i have been kind of obsessed with her.  because i am a spoiled brat, i got the option to choose who i was going to butt fuck for jules jordan’s company and i said her!!!!!  her butt is wonderful.  and sex with her butt is rad too.  however, when i say her butt is wonderful i mean her actual butt.  she is this tiny woman with this shelf of a butt.  it looks like she is sticking it out all the time even though she is just walking around.  her butt is a plus with a side of energy beer.

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Ana Foxx Is The Best

by jamesdeen on March 26, 2015

she really is.  the only issue with ana foxx is that i am not currently having sex with her.  i guess that isn’t really her problem though.  it seems like my problem.  i did have sex with her for sweet sinner… or one of the various companies owned by the company that owns sweet sinner.  i honestly didn’t ask.  i was just excited to have sex with ana foxx.  god damn do i love her

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I Love Peta Jenson

by jamesdeen on March 25, 2015

i am kind of spoiled… kinda… just a bit.  i was working for new sensations and a girl canceled.  i then said “oh you should hire peta jenson“, and then they did.  i love this woman.  she is really fun to have sex with.  i guess that isn’t love but fuck it.  she is mine.  i am going to lay claim to her.  i don’t care if she is in a relationship… or if someone has already called dibs.  in my head she is mine.  good luck :-)… that’s not entirely true.  if she is in a relationship i would totally respect that.  i would make sure that it was all copacetic and within the comfort boundaries of her and her dude.. or chick.  so baring any relationship conflict, PETA JENSON is MINE

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I Wanna Fuck Marley Brinx A Lot More

by jamesdeen on March 24, 2015

today i worked for new sensations with a brand new lady named marley brinx.  i am now in love with marley brinx.  not only is she a mega babe but she is also… well i guess i didn’t really get to know her that much beyond her being a mega babe.  she makes me feel like i am super good at sex and was down to do basically whatever.  which i like.  i don’t like to be restricted.  marley brinx does not restrict me.  i am going to have sex with her in the future.  a lot

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