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I Think I’m Done… Peace Out Y’all!!!!!!

my whole career has been based off of doing what makes me smile.  i don't believe people should do anything they don't want to do.  life is too short to be unhappy.  i have been performing for going on 15 years.  i am in year 15 right now.  it has been the best imaginal career i could ever ask for. it was all i ever wanted as i was growing up and it is all i want to do still to this day.  i have loved every second of it.  i hope to perform until i physically can't continue anymore.  i love it. i love porn. i love the porn industry. i love working in the porn industry.  in the last 15 years i have worked almost every day.  since i started my own company i have slowed down a bit, but still average about 15-20 scenes a month.  my first 5 or 6 ... Keep Reading